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What is Powder Coating?
Powder coating is tiny particles applied as dry powder or free flowing. It is completely different from traditional liquid paint, as it requires a solvent for the filler and binder parts to form in a suspending liquid. It is mainly used to coat metals, like aluminum extrusions, household appliances, bicycle and automobile parts and drum hardware. The benefits it has compared to liquid paint is extraordinary as it does not have nearly as many VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and therefore is less polluted. The most vital part of powder coating is without a doubt the pretreatment which requires a multi-stage washer. The washer chemically cleans and coats the part to make it more adhesive to the powder. The Powder is applied through an electrostatically charged gun onto a grounded substrate (Metal, or wood). Thus attracting the charged particles of powder and the substrate. Once this is complete the part is run through a cure oven and is baked onto the substrate. Then the inspection begins to see if the part was cleaned and coated properly. The part may need multiple coats, but that often depends on the requirements from the customer.
Powder Coating Equipment